"A Mismatch"

After spending the first 15 minutes on the bullet train adjusting, and readjusting, my bags to fit onto the 10 inch wide overhead space, my shirt was now soaked through. Mind you, it was still winter outside, but doing overhead swings with 100 pounds of luggage will do some kinda thing to you. Luckily for me, a kind soul sitting across the alley realized my struggle. He motioned to the front of the train car with the nod of his head and half a smile.

Behind the glass window of the sliding door, I saw a space for oversized luggage. Thanking the man, I stepped to the front of the car very awkwardly. There really isn’t a suave way to walk when you have to pull your pants up for the slightest movement. I really think the Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy should have reminded all of us to not only bring your towel, but a fucking belt too.

Instead, my pants were proudly sporting the crack of my ass to a crowd of Koreans. Where was my belt you ask? Back in Ohio, taking a paid sabbatical somewhere in the guest room of my parent’s home.  

Now, back in my seat, luggage situated in the appropriate spot, I sat down and thought about how not to sweat on the man dressed in his pinstripe suit next to me. Sitting there with eyes nearly closed, I saw a pair of black shoes walk up the alley. Through the small opening still left between my lids, I saw the shoes had stopped and turned...right to where I’d finally made my peace. I opened my eyes to a grandma, finger outstretched at me, with a demanding look; I was not only in the wrong seat, but the fucking wrong car entirely.

All I could do was let out a laugh, smile, get up and figure out where the hell my seat was…

I was just happy to have made it to the train on time...