Short N' Sweet

There’s a strength in love. 

It isn’t weak, or disingenuous, it’s an intentional choice - one made regardless of circumstance. You step above the chaos bubbling throughout the day and you decide, now let me make that clearer, you decide to choose love. While love is something that develops naturally, we still must let that light in. How much let through is up to us; our filters, our walls dictate it. Sadly, I don’t believe this choice, for men at least, is respected in its entirety; I’ve struggled with that, as do many men. 

It isn’t that we don’t feel love, or we can’t feel, we’re socialized not to. Puppies are cute, babies make us feel just as mushy inside, but we’re expected to act accordingly, outright challenged even, and told that real men don’t do that, as if it’s definable; grab a beer, watch the game, ignore it. 

In my opinion, there’s just as much pressure put on young men to save face, as there is on young women; it’s just different.  

Why, I don’t know? 

To me, it seems illogical to follow in the footsteps of emotional ignorance, because being in tune with how you’re feeling, or how others are feeling, means you’re evolved; you’re a magician, a sorcerer, a shaman. You know things that can’t be seen, yet are more tangible to you than the shit filling your apartment, and you can manifest your reality. It may sound hokey, but the more in tune with the love frequency you become, things will click, your mind and the physical plane will synchronize. What you actually need will simply appear.

Whether you consciously acknowledge it, or not, everything you do, in some fashion, is dictated by just that.

Yet, when men tap into that frequency, a place where they’re able to quite literally read emotions and empathize, they’re too sensitive, or too caring, too intense even. It’s this strange social theory that the more pain you’re able to endure, which translates to emotional pain you can ignore, the better worker you are, the better provider. I’m here to challenge that belief structure, one built upon fear, because having this skill set isn’t too anything. If anything, it’s too bad that are young boys are taught they shouldn’t chase that which allows their own love to flow freely. 

I say, acknowledge your pain, your love, your fear. I say, wear it on your sleeve, without shame, it’s the armor to protect you going into sacred battle.

And why wouldn’t you want that? The defense and ability to ride these waves?

If you don’t open up to yourself, you’ll be pummeled into the undertow, till you drown in physically manifested insecurity. You may not physically die, although some do, but your spirit most certainly will and you’re the one doing it.

So, there’s nothing to prove to anyone, not even to yourself, and it’s time to let go of these inherited definitions of what masculinity means. Let it go. Let it all go, but accept the responsibility that comes with it.

I suppose this is less of a blog post, or story, and more so a call to radical action. You owe it to yourself, your children, your inner circle, whether man or woman, to quiet yourself and listen. Your body will tell you what you need. It’s much less about creating the feeling of love, as it is releasing the blocks you have in place to it, and reading yourself. 

Feelings aren’t male, or female, they’re human.

Now, get out of your fucking way and disregard what other people think. Insecurity isn’t a good look, the only remedy is a bit of self awareness and love. Everything else, the depression, the bullshit, will clear up with ease. 

Peace and Love,