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Born in Lakewood Ohio, Alexander spent his formative years in the suburbs of Cleveland. The visual arts didn't take the stage until his late teens, and writing his mid-twenties, however music has maintained a strong presence from childhood. John Coltrane, Miles Davis, and Thelonious Monk were played nightly; during family dinners, insisted by his father. Although he initially didn’t appreciate it, this musical exposure was the gateway to what’s become his life’s mission; awakening to truth, so brilliantly, it drags others along.

Not a stranger to depression, or his struggles with addiction, a destructive search for fulfillment, he draws deeply from emotional pain, rather than indulging it. Letting go of shame, letting go of fear, and embracing his failures has been the turning point in his creative journey.

We must all live with intention, we must all let go, we must all love; take this journey into the mind of a budding creative.